We have launched a free, near-instant and simple to use faucet for Polygon(Matic) mainnet.

Faucet can be used to get 0.001Matic on Polygon mainnet layer2 network.

Faucet is free to use and available at the following link:

What for? What’s the use case?
In order to transact on Polygon network you need a very small amount of Matic to pay for gas fees. If you have a secondary token, but no Matic in your wallet — then you can NOT send ANY transactions!
And that’s why we are bringing you the faucet. 0.001 Matic can be used to pay for gas…


Mac&Cheese.Finance is a DeFi project built on Polygon(Matic) Network. On a journey of becoming the "Pancakeswap of Polygon".

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